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Gourmet Sandwiches
All gourmet sandwich trays come with two sliders per person and served with lettuce, tomato, homemade slaw and chips. Minimum of six orders.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Shrimp Salad Sliders $7.99 each
Our chef's special recipe of seasoning and a touch of Old Bay and served on slider rolls.

Deli Meat Sliders $6.99 each
Delicious assortment of fresh roasted turkey, Virginia baked ham and roast beef on slide rolls.

Salad Sliders $6.99 each
A combination of homemade shrimp salad, tuna salad and chicken salad served on slider rolls with lettuce and tomato on the side.

Assorted Sliders $7.99 each
An assortment of Black Angus hamburgers, country style fried chicken and homemade pork BBQ sliders.

Black Bean Burger $7.99 each
Vegetarian burger made with black beans, roasted corn, peppers, onions, brown rice and chipotle seasoning.