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These items are available at your specified time.

Crab Cake
Colossal jumbo lump crab cake with just enough filler to hold this delicious Corner Stable classic together!
4 oz. Crab Cake - $9.99
8 oz. Crab Cake - $17.99

Fried Chicken $14.99 each
Two jumbo breasts, fried using our special recipe...tender & moist!

Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast $12.99 each
Two juicy boneless chicken breasts served with either blackened, Tuscan style or dipped in our famous barbeque sauce.

Roasted Turkey Dinner $13.99 each
Two pieces of roasted turkey served with stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy.

Grilled Barbeque Salmon
Marinated salmon fillet grilled to perfection in our signature barbeque sauce.
4 oz. $8.99
8 oz. $16.99

Blackened Mahi Mahi
Blackened mahi mahi filet grilled and served with a homemade mango salsa.
4 oz. $9.99
8 oz. $18.99

**Baltimore's Best Baby Back Ribs** $18.99 each
Full Rack
These meaty, mouth-watering Baby Back Ribs fall right off the bone. Served with our homemade barbeque sauce or our spicy Texas style sauce.
The BEST you'll ever taste!